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Starting from a foundation in the Montessori Method, our philosophy also draws on other Early Childhood disciplines to provide a unique prepared environment. It allows us to be ready for the unpredictable teachable moment; that magic time when your child is most ready to learn. So we have a classroom rich with stimulus for every developmental level, designed by teachers sensitive to each child’s needs. The result is a child centered, mixed age classroom in which your child independently selects activities of personal interest. To balance this freedom, we provide a framework of firm limits, guidelines, and support.

At the heart of our program is respect. We respect your child’s need for independence, challenge, nurturing, and expression. We provide ample space and time within clear boundaries and supportive schedules to facilitate learning. From your child in return, we expect respect for us, the other children, and the facility.

We will neither abandon children in their inexperience, nor dictate their every move, since both extremes are detrimental to growth. Our goal is to provide a balanced program where children have every opportunity to develop in their own way to realize their maximum potential.